Corporate Vision

Since its foundation in 1997, Uncle Pop’s brilliant achievements derive from the company’s clear development vision: “Providing a high-quality and healthy leisure food product for domestic and overseas consumers, and striving to become the leading enterprise of China’s leisure food industry”. Positioning and development direction of the enterprise:

  1. The scope of business of the company is leisure food, and the business structure sought by the company is focused on the food field with the aim at taking the road to professional development.
  2. The product positioning of the company is health, high-quality, and differentiation with similar products. Health and happiness are the reasons why consumers buy the company’s products, and that being able to create health and happiness is the prerequisite and mission of the company’s existence.
  3. The customer group which the company focuses on is domestic and overseas customers. After meeting success in the domestic market, the company will actively seek marketing opportunities abroad to adapt to the trend of global economic integration and participate in international business competition.
  4. The long-term goal of the company is to take the lead in domestic peer industry. And, this leading means the comprehensive leading in aspects such as brand, scale, quality, and benefits. The statement of leading, clearly identifies that the company will create the century brand, based on long-term development.
  5. Elaborate and high-quality commitment reinforces the company’s core spirit of “customer first”.  The first-class quality policy, which includes long-term persistance, and customer satisfaction, are not only the purpose of company management, but also the key and all-important weapon for the winning of company development. 

Looking forward to the future, the company has formulated a developmental goal for the next four years, and this spares no effort to conduct closed-loop system construction with the mode of a group company. The company will complete the construction of the sales departments in Shangdong, Central China, and South China. In addition, the company reinforces the construction of equipment manufacturing enterprises and automatic supporting enterprises.  It also energetically develops products with independent intellectual property rights, to make the comprehensive competitive advantages formed by the company’s total cost leadership and differentiated development strategy continuously intensify; thus realizing the healthy development of all systems of the group company with orderly, effective and mutual push type and self-improvement type.

Uncle Pop Company is an enterprise that possesses a high sense of responsibility and mission and shoulders a huge social responsibility.  This is demonstrated by the company bearing the common interest and pursuit of customers, cooperators and all staff.