1. Management experience and method of financial aspect.

At present, the company has professional management teams, which include staff that possess a number of financial intermediate and senior professional titles (including accountants and others). These people have a rich financial & accounting management and control experience. To effectively intensify the financial management and control of the company, the company  focuses mainly on the following aspects and has achieved effectiveness: (1) a timely promulgate process and an ideal relevant management system based on the need of company business; (2)a completed the company’s financial authorization architecture; (3)strictly enforces the approval workflow and process stipulated by authorization system; (4)control of operating costs, expenses and investment activities through the company’s budget management, to guarantee the realization of the company’s operating cost expectation; (5) Reinforces capital management, and improves the company’s operating result through idle fund management; (6) manages company inventory and fixed assets through ways such as spot inventory, half-yearly inventory, and annual liquidation to ensure the security and integrity of corporate assets.


2 Management experience and methods in the aspect of quality control.

The group company has established and follows the business strategy of “Priority to Quality Development” and adhered to the quality policy of “First-class Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Efficient Management, and Pursuit of Excellence” for a long time. Through the effective operation and continuous improvement of the ISO9001 and HACCP systems, the company not only reinforces the quality management and quality assurance capability of the source, but also improves the management and guarantees the levels of the quality safety system.

With “customer demand as our quality pursuit” and, striving toward the direction of quality work, the company has implemented a “three-whole” quality management system for the whole employee, whole process, and whole aspect.  This principle actively constructs a supply quality assurance system which intensifies the quality safety control over the source.  This process establishes and operates a risk monitoring analysis and assessment mechanism of food safety; and this follows and supports the “three-not” principles of “unqualified raw materials are not put into production, unqualified semi-finished products do not turn sequence, and unqualified products do not leave the factory”.  It establishes and carries out qualification approval authentication for the whole employee quality management system for employment with certificates.  It also is a training management system for the whole employee quality, and continuously improves the whole employee’s quality accomplishment, quality awareness, post-related quality competence.

In terms of food quality and safety management, and with product quality safety guarantee as the work center and focus, the measures we take, are to strengthen the control over the quality management of the source and the production process. Regarding the quality management and safety guarantee of the source, all suppliers are required to consciously perform a quality safety guarantee and undertake the entity responsibility for the safety guarantee of supply quality. We sign quality assurance contracts and safety commitments for food quality with all raw material suppliers (including qualified suppliers and newly developed suppliers). And we conduct and follow a careful management process that strictly conforms to the contents of the contract and commitment, which forcefully guarantees that supply quality safety meets the standard. Meanwhile, improvements have been included to ensure that works, such as the daily management and periodic appraisal and assessment of suppliers, which comprehensively improves the company’s guarantee capability of product quality safety are followed.

For the quality management and guarantee of production process, the company sets out the quality responsibility. More specifically, manufacturing workers from all posts are required to voluntarily perform the individual guarantee responsibility of product quality and safety production. With quality as the important basis for evaluation of employees’ production behaviors and results, we fully implement “One-vote Veto System for Quality”. Through the evaluation of the earnest performance of production quality of employees as liability subjects, it reflects the performance condition of entity responsibility for the company’s food quality and safety standards. Now, the employees have turned from “I want quality safety from me” to “I want quality safety”, and this spares no effort to complete the quality safety management in the whole process from raw material purchasing to customer selling. In a word, the delivery-check qualified rate of our company’s product quality is great. It maintains an above 95% rating over a long period of time, and the qualified rate of outgoing product quality and safety is 100%. Besides, during the supervision and random inspection of products in all phases of related external function organizations, the qualified rate of supervision and random inspection of company product quality is 100%.

“One-vote Veto System for Quality” has been favorably implemented inside the company. We will persist in leading all operating management works of the company with the thought of practicability, responsibility and development to guarantee food quality safety as the management foundation and precondition of all works.  We will carefully follow the company’s quality management and food safety management well; fully implement all the works of the enterprise as the entity responsibility of food quality and safety are described, and perform the commitment of providing such leisure food with quality, safety, health and nutrition for vast consumers. In addition, when realizing the company’s continuous development goal, we will shoulder greater social responsibility. 


3. Management experience and method for brand promotion

In recent years, with respect to brand promotion, the company has always been adhering to the concept of quality first, and making the transition to the first-tier brand marketing promotion model a priority. Furthermore, it begins by strengthening the advertising efforts, by intensively and successively delivering ads to the TV media with top domestic audience ratings (including Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, and CCTV Children’s Channel).  As well, buses, trains, and other media that will promote and strengthen the awareness of the Uncle Pop brand are targeted. Meanwhile, to adapt to the needs of new opportunities such as micromarketing and network marketing (brand flagship store has been set in Taobao Tmall at present), we have been striving to build the Uncle Pop brand as the domestic industry's leading brand with the top ranking, and a relatively high cognition and customer trust.  

The “Rice & wheat” product, which is independently developed by the company, creates a pioneer of this type of product. Besides, it has become the absolute leading brand in the industry. The market shares of rice & wheat products have exceeded 50% and the annual retail sales have reached 1 billion yuan. With a sweet and crisp taste, a rich milk flavor, and no grease, the “yolk pancake” recently developed by our company, conforms to the healthy and nutrient consumption concept. After persistent focus popularization, the Uncle Pop Yolk Pancake has become the leading product in the market, with annual retail sales that have reached 300 million yuan. With this surpassing strategy, the company’s multi-grain fruit rapidly marched into the market and quickly grew into the product with top three market shares in just two years with an annual retail sales of 250 million yuan.